Zavod Krasen Kras

In June 2014, the non-profit institute Zavod Krasen Kras (Institute Beautiful Karst) was founded in Gorjansko. The institute will work with experts and protective institutions to help protect and research the prehistoric low-lying hillfort Debela Griža near Volčji Grad and to present it to the local and wider publics. The Institute is hoping to become the driver of development of potential cultural tourism in the area of the Komen Karst and wider. Debela Griža is to become a model of how to preserve and present other hillforts in the Karst.

Considering the current situation and condition of Debela Griža, we should:

– Preventively protect the immediate area from natural and other disasters: first we need to prepare a holistic protection programme with relevant protective institutions (OE ZVKDS Nova Gorica and ZVKDS) and then gradually start implementing them, e.g. fire safety.
– suitable gradual protection of the hillfort itself: erect signs and ensure protection of the most endangered parts of the hillfort: guarantee safety for visitors and mark trails.
– systematically maintain the current condition: preserve the banks, trails and prevent further overgrowing.